Friday, March 3, 2017

FotoSketcher for Mac available (experimental, but usable)

Hi all,

As you may know, FotoSketcher is a Windows only program and I am currently working on a truly multiplatform version (testing on Android at first).
But since it is a complete rewrite of most of my code (which can be a good thing to iron out some bugs), it is also a rather large undertaking for a single hobbyist programmer like myself.

Having been asked many times for a MacOS version, I looked into various solutions: emulation software (either free like WineHQ or not, like Parallels Desktop), or recompilation with a cutting edge framework (crossVCL, which looks very promising).

In the meantime, I have packaged the latest FotoSketcher version (3.30 at this time) into a Mac compatible program using WineBottler.
Here the .zip file (warning 75 MB, thank you for hosting):

Just open it and run FotoSketcher on your Mac! 

CAVEAT : I have only tested on OS X El Capitan. Apart from a few quirks - mainly visual - I have found FotoSketcher to work fine. But, as usual, use at your own risk and I shall not be held responsible should anything bad happen.

How to install:

Once you've downloaded, move it to the location of your choice (I have simply chosen the desktop).

Then open the .zip file as shown below:

This will extract FotoSketcher and create the program icon.

Double-click to run, and voila!

One of the problems you may encounter is that the trackbars will not update correctly (as shown in the screenshot above). However, you can still move the cursor to the value you want and the parameters will be changed accordingly.

Have fun :)

Best regards,



Anonymous said...

Bonjour David, first of all, thnaks for your job.
Is this fotosketcher available for Ipad too?, can we download and use it on our Ipads?

Thanks again.

David said...

Bonjour and thank you for your comment :)
At this time, FotoSketcher only runs in Windows and MacOS (thanks to WineBottler). A mobile version, which will run on Android and iOS (both iphones and ipads) is in the works, but will not be ready until a few months.

Anonymous said...

Ok, David, thanks for the information and for replying too fast.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Will there soon be a version that works on Mac Sierra? currently this version won't install.
Many thanks!

David said...


I have not yet been able to test on Sierra, so thank you for this valuable feedback.
I cannot promise a quick solution, but I do intend to make FotoSketcher run on the most current OS for Mac.

I'll post on this blog if I make progress.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see this great program made accessible to more people.

A small thing. The Windows (x64) version of 3.30 asks to go to the website to download version 3.30 when clicking 'Check for update'. It is the latest version already.

The 32 bit version of v3.30 says FotoSketcher is up to date.

David said...

Thanks for the heads-up. It's a stupid bug really (mind you I have never heard of an intelligent bug...) and I'll correct it in the next release.

Anonymous said...

Okay, cheers. I have never heard of an intelligent bug either. ;)

shutterbugzz said...

Would love to see a Mac version... I am sure it is not your priority:-( but if you ever do, I am following you! You are a very generous person! I have seen this work on a Windows machine and it is fantastic!

David said...

Thank you, shutterbuggzz :)
BTW, you should still be able to use FotoSketcher on your Mac, even if you have the latest Sierra. It is a little bit more convoluted than on El Capitan, due to security measures, but apparently it works. Follow the instructions here:

Anonymous said...

Bonjour David, je possède un Mac et j'ai essayé de télécharger votre logiciel mais ça ne marche pas, je ne sais pas pourquoi.
Avez-vous une explication ? Merci d'avance.

David said...

Bonjour Bruno,
Je n'ai pu tester que sur MacOS El Capitan, mais j'ai eu des retours d'utilisateurs qui comme vous n'ont pas pu faire fonctionner FotoSketcher. Si vous êtes sous MacOS Sierra, l'installation est un peu plus compliquée (voir
Je vais prochainement upgrader mon Mac virtuel en MacOS Sierra pour tester et je ferai un post détaillé.

Anonymous said...

Merci David pour cette rapide réponse.
C'est exactement mon cas donc j'attends votre prochain Poste.
Bien à vous.

Donna Renzulli said...


Just to let you know that I tried to open the Foto Sketcher app in Sierra 10.12.4 Mac OS using the direction you provided link to in comments above.

Unfortunately, it didn't work. Sigh!

Any other help or comments would be appreciated. Thanks,

David said...

Hi Donna,

That's a shame :( On Sierra I was hoping that it would work fine.
In order to investigate further, can you send me an e-mail at with more details (error message if you get one, description of what happens, etc.)?