Wednesday, February 1, 2017

FotoSketcher 3.30 officially released

Hi all,

The new version of FotoSketcher (v 3.30) is now available. As usual, you can head over to to download either the full (with setup) or portable 32bit versions.
If have a 64bit bit version of Windows, I encourage you to use the 64bit versions of FotoSketcher, available from the official mirror website here:

You will find a list of the new features in my previous post:

I hope you will have fun experimenting with FotoSketcher :) Be creative!

All the best,


Screenshots of FotoSketcher 3.30:

 drag the red line with your mouse to stop any effect at x%

 when opening a source image, click in the top right corner for a large preview

in painting 10, load custom brushes (in transparent .png format)
you can also double the size of the brushstrokes (check the x2 tick box)

 if you press the END key on your keyboard, you can toggle long filenames ON or OFF

 with long filenames ON, the effect used and associated parameters will be saved in the filename

 obligatory cute red panda :)


Jakub Budina said...

Hi, fotosketcher is a great tool but I´d like to ask for consideration of one change. In early versions the filename of rendered pictures from fotosketcher put the name _fotosketcher at the beginning of the filename but you change it and place it at the end. I am experimenting with fotosketcher in the way that I´m importing picture sequence of my animation and trying to make the animation more painted as your tool fot this effect. Unfortunately using fotosketcher name at the end of the filename making the render files unsupported to various postproduction and videoediting softwares and I have to use 3rd party file rename tools and it slowing my process. Would you at least make an option to put the _fotosketcher name at the begining of the filename again? Thank you very much.

David said...

Hi Jakub,
I have good news for you. I did remember your previous request and have added this possibility.
In fact I also wanted to answer another request which was to add the effect name and parameters in the filename.
So the new feature "long filename" does both: FotoSketcher_ in front and effect name and parameters in the filename.
To enable this feature, you can either edit the fotosketcher.ini file by hand or use the secret keyboard shortcut: press the END key.
Best regards,

Herb. said...

Hello David,
Thanks for the new version of Fotosketcher. A great program!
An interesting innovation is the possibility to choose with Painting 10 own brushes. Unfortunately I can not go further: How exactly must these brushes (PNG) be? What is the size of the file? It would be nice if you could provide more information there ...;)
Thank you and best regards

David said...

Hi Herb,
Thank you for your comment. The .png files used in Painting 10 need to be transparent images (with an alpha channel). I would recommend a size of about 150x150 to 250x250 pixels. You can use a great freeware utility called abrViewer ( to load Photoshop .ps brushes. In the abrViewer temp directory all brushes will appear in a .png format usable in FotoSketcher. I have found that the brushes which work best are the ones with lots of small dots.
Best regards,